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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  June 9, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ ♪ >> did it feel weird to go without an hour without me today >> just a little bit but you're here now >> president trump breaks the silence one day after former fbi director james comey testified in front of the senate intelligence committee >> as you can see this is the hottest story here at 6:30. >> he did say under oath that you told him to let the flynn -- you said you hoped the flynn investigation >> i didn't say that. >> so he, lied about that >> i will tell you iid
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that >> did he ask you to pledged >> and there would be nothing reporting if i did according to everybody i've read but i did not say that >> did he ask for a pledge of loyalty from you >> no, he did not not? he said those things under oath would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version >> 100%. >> that was the president. earlier today, during a joint press conference with the president of romaine anyway, where he actually was taking questions from reporters the first time in three weeks and first time since the comey thing. >> we're waiting to see if the president retweets during the hearing he did not. he did today, despite so many false statements and lies, despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vine indication and wow, comey is a leaker >> here are republican strategists jack berkman and erin wells, thanks so much for stopping in >> jack let me get your
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assessment of the testimony from comey and whether or not you feel it was some sort of vindication for trump >> bad day, yes, definitely vindication for trump. bad day for comey, frankly he's a better performer. i expect add bombshell. the way he had painted this and delayed it that will would be bomb revelations. the leaking stuff or at least the way he explained it really probably permanently damaged his credibility. you know, because on the one hnd, you have this fbi law man who ties his tie perfectly and all of that stuff. then you have a leaker the media and there's too much - cognitive dis dense, we may have seen the end of james comey >> jack was in here last night. now we have the reaction from the president on top of that. give me your take, the president the day after, did he say the right thing? i think i know where you're going with this. >> well, yeah, you're probably right. so. you know, i
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is entering really, really dangerous territory here. not only did he have a former fbi director yesterday saying that he perceived the president was trying to put a stop to this investigation, which some legal experts are saying could be tantamount to obstruction of justice. now he's going after that former director. he's making allegations of perjury essentially and i think really getting himself locked into a -- >> you know what i think guys? i think the democrats are overplayed their hasn't, they're promising america a watergate, a nixon and a h, al dman they can't delivery anything, you got quoting the post and the abc news and all you have a is a 0 >> if you're talking about the media sources, the president was -- i know he tweeted allen dershowitz by way of to being news -- seems like both sides are throwing out various
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>> dershowitz makes a good point, that is that there is no, i agree there is no constitutional independence for justice and fbi, this idea somehow the fbi is independent from the president? it's not independent from the president. it was never set up that way. congress didn't set it up that way, the constitution doesn't set it up that way. james comey wants it to be that way. but that's the world of james comey. >> tell me, jack, i want to ask you, do you think it is smart for the president to say that he would 100% talk under oath and dispute these claims? is that a smart thing for him to do >> yes, because it probably would never happen. i couldn't imagine the forum in which that would happen, the media will try to hold him to that. it's a smart thing to say because he knows it would never happen. trump was very convincing today. i think, what you have is he said he said, when comey was talking about the obstruction, he waffled on it. i expected him to be a lot stronger in talking about the pressure that trump put on him to stop the flynn investigation, he was w
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i think trump -- i think even a lot of democrats say it was a big win for the president yesterday >> jump jump in >> if there's one thing subcontract and i agree that the president will never testify under oath, just like he never came up with the tape just like he never came forward with the tax returns or evidence of wire tapping, never came forward with -- >> you're off the point >> if the point here is it's one man's word against another's, maybe we should think about the cop who's been honest and giving objective account of what happened over the serial liar who's sitting in the white house. >> maybe, if it's one man's word against another, and we have no compelling evidence, it's time to drop the investigation? >> i don't even think we've begun this investigation. if anything, yesterday's testimony by comey raised a whole host of questions about jeff sessions that he and the justice depa
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in addition to what the president >> let's not forget we have special counsel robert mueller. so it's not going away any time soon. >> thank you for coming in tonight. always good to have you here. >> appreciate it >> see you soon, have a good weekend. >> few short hours after comey testified yesterday, news broke that jared kushner is scheduled to meet with the member office the senate intelligence committee. he's expected to be asked about his meetings with the russian ambassador. >> joining to his talk about this and the u.k. election, a guy who knows quite a bit a bit. niles stand itch, i feel like it's all star day, on 5at630. niles, how are you >> good, thank you, how are you >> we're going to go to check the box, let's start with jared kushner. we heard early on he had been quite quiet for the whole process, give us perspective here >> it's clearly big news that jared kushner is going to meet with staff members of this committee. the questions that he will have to answer are not totally clear but it is certainly expected that
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a meeting he had with a russian banker who is very close to vladimir putin, a man by the name of gore cof. we don't know much about it. >> what does this meaning for folks not familiar with the process? this is a meeting. does this lead to depending what the meeting is some sort of testifying before a hearing publicly kind of give us an idea where things could go here for jared kushner >> it certainly good go to that level, sarah, when we talk about him coming in for a meeting we're not talking about him dropping by to have a cup of coffee and a chat. this is a serious thing where, the assumption would be that he would be put out for some documents, he would be asked to provide basic answers in that format to some questions and would then perhaps have to testify to the full committee. >> i think we should move on. let's talk about
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election. not just because of the terror attacks, the question was how it would be influenced. this is seismic, doesn't necessarily mean she's out of power but it's a seismic change in the u.k. >> theresa may called this on what to build on a modest majority. things went the opposite direction. the labor part which has its most left wing leader out performed expectations, so it was a major shock, even though the ultimate end result is likely to be teresa may's continuation as prime minister >> it har kins back to cameron when he was putting up brexit vote. how much of a divided country u.k. is right now and is the u.s. in a similar
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i do think they both appeal to desire for change among the election tore writs in their respective countries and sort of rebuicked to the idea that you win election by seeking out center ground >> there was one candidate everybody thought would prevail and a candidate nobody gave a chance to and we saw the way it turned out and seemed similar to an election we saw couple months ago here in the united states. >> now, there are definitely those similarities, they're very ideal logically desperate people, but teresa may, i think identified broadly speaking with the political establishment, just as hillary clinton was, jeremy corbin coming from, certainly the far left by american standards, but presenting himself as the candidate of change to good effect frankly >> do you think this, you know, is this a problem for r
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moving forward? does it really affect the u.s. in any way other than us watching and seeing the parless >> not directly, sarah, except for the fact that because teresa may's conservative party has fewer seats than it did. her government will be internistly unstable. doesn't have a big enough majority that's something that could have an impact. >> niles stands itch, thank you for coming in tonight. >> let's check in with gwen. get the latest on weather. you're heating things up for us, lady. >> that's really an under statement when you see the temperatures that are headed our way, especially on the seven-day forecast. it is definitely heating up. you know what? tonight will be fairly mild out there. temperatures into the 60's, upper 60's in the city to the south, mid and into the city and then we're going to go see that real warm weather start kicking in. we got a bermuda high dealing with and once we get into saturday, temperatures into the upper 80's low 90's, even warmer on your sunday, we are
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the low 90's and even to the mid 90's, very hot day. the difference between the two days is this. that humidity. yes. it's going to start creeping its way back into the picture once we get into sunday, sunshine r sunday will be a pretty uncomfortable day with the sunshine, the heat and humidity combined. but saturday at least will be a little bit more tolerable. if you're heading to the beach, great suggestion, you can definitely cool down in ocean city, temperatures into the 80's, water temperature heating up to 65. it will be actually pretty comfortable to be there. let's have a look at your planner for tomorrow. by midday, we're talking 84. by the 5:00 hour, 90. no shortage of sunshine for you this weekend either. skies will be bright. here's a look at that fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. take a look. we got carry these 90's into the week. at the beginning, there's a little bit of a chance that we might even break a record or two. saturday is the day where we'll see some instability kicking in. but we'll keep an eye on the skies now, back to you. >> thank you, gwen. on the
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an enemy of the trump administration at least that's how he framed the argument and that seemed to only grow after the comey hearing >> we'll take a look at which reports were true and which were false when 5at630 returns. en 5at630 returns. narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra
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dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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hi, joe. >> jim, >> sarah how are you >> we were looking at what came out and how the media covered it. what was your take away from everything >> wow, take away singular. i had about 12 take aways. i think the biggest was that, i think the folks at home heard what they wanted to hear and certain cable outlets went to certain
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they're audiences would like best, cnn and nbc they called up the fact that comey was called a liar, it's not a crime, not bad, not good but at the same time, that's not the worst thing in the world if you're trump you're looking at a bombshell being dropped. if you're fox you concentrated james comey himself leaking to new york times to compel a special prosecutor and described it in detail. that was stunning >> also, i heard, tucker carlton last night, and one of the things you really honed in on was the unnamed sources unhow this is such an issue, especially with the "new york times" report and what the follow-up up was. can you explain that >> unnamed sources if you look at the "new york times" guide it's basic a rule book for riders, it says an minutety should be a last resort but it's become the first resort. every bombshe
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see on trump coming out of this white house through leaks always, always, is based on solely on unnamed sources, there's a problem we don't know the kind of access those sources truly have. they may be lying about it themselves, comey himself said the people that usually are the people in the know, that was telling and comey said there have been many stories reportedly based on classified information especially in russia simply dead wrong including the "new york times" story he pointed out february 14th. here's the kicker. the "new york times" tried to follow up with the four sources that he used the unnamed ones and they can't be found at this time to corroborate what they originally had said. that's pretty telling. >> so let's talk about the excitement that built up to it. i hate to use the word skycam to talk about the senate intelligence committee. but dc with all the bars open and a lot of people out watching this, high expectations, i believe after we saw that opening testimony, i didn't expect any bomb el
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from a few things yesterday and i think a lot of people were like, is this it? >> well, it was -- what i liked about it was the fact that it was two hours and 45 minutes, commercial-free, but more importantly pundant free >> that's exactly it >> i could see adults, senate intelligence committee i thought they conducted themselves very well and comey giving answers, where we're at with russia and the bottom line is i still don't know what the crime is or evidence of company he collusion between trump the trump campaign and russia. >> this didn't seem like one of those hearing, you'll see hearings where you'll have people posturing and putting themselves out there, putting their names out there, actions out there. and you summed it up quite well. everybody seemed to have mostly behaved themselves during this >> wasn't that refreshing? >> it was >> to see difficults in government. when we see the house committees those are a train wreck. >> the senate everybody both sides were very respectful of
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comey. particularly republicans. and i thought rubio had his best moment since the campaign his questions were excellent. >> in all, joe, i do want to know, please tell me, did you have idea what senator mccaine was saying? i certainly didn't >> it's unfortunate with senator mccaine he's in his 80's, peanut butter forget that and he stayed up late watching the diamondbacks. i get it after i watch the diamond games >> he's a well respected well-liked guy and a smart guy, maybe a bad day for him. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks, guys. always have good days, i noticed. >> thank you, trying to butter us up i think. >> we thrive upon that and recognition and flattery, coming up next, we'll talk to the mayor of mill valley california >> jessica jackson sloan, a busy lady. we're
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that when 5at630 returns.
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joining us is the mayor of mill valley california >> and the national director and co founder. which so many communities say reducing the amount people in our prisons and jails >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me >> you do have a lot. we do want to hear about cut 50. how does it work? >> cut 50 is a bipartisan national initiative to cut crime and cut our prison population. we believe in making our communities safer by elevating solutions that don't actually lead to people being incarcerated. >> it's a two pronged approach. they run counter to each other. how do you build these coalitions and work together to bring the rates down on
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sides? >> well, we know that there are models on you there to that work. for example, drug courts. they actually address the underlying issue as opposed to just using a one-size fits all tough on crime approach that has not worked historically. so what cut 50 humanization and legislation. we tell the stories of people impacted by the criminal justice system including crime survivors, including law enforcement, including people who are actually incarcerated or have been incarcerated and their families. then we also bring legislation both on the state and federal level. >> what was the real push behind it? i know you're the mayor of mill valley. i got to imagine that has something to do. what is it you've noticed in your community or others around the country when you saw this was a need that needed to be fulfilled >> this is personal and professional for me. i'm a criminal defense attorney, but more importantly i've been personally impacted. when i was 22
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before i had my law degree, i found myself alone in a courtroom holding my two-month old daughter, as i watched my husband get taken off to prison for a low level drug offense. he spent three and a half years there. and absolutely ripped my family apart. >> when you look at the approach that the current administration is taking, jeff sessions said they're going to come down pretty hard on drug offenses, they -- he states decriminalizing marijuana, they want to go opposite. where do you balance the approach? when you're the federal government saying one thing and local jurisdiction saying we want to go another way. >> i think that the attorney general is actually out of step with his party. over last three years, we've seen a huge bipartisan coalition come together, we've seen newt gingrich step out and say the war on drugs didn't work as recently as two weeks ago, right after sessions announcement, we've seen, you know, coke industries come in. we've seen the american conservative union
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for policies that keep families together as opposed to locking people up, what the ag is doing is out of step with the party and i wouldn't say it's this administration. they really haven't spoken out on the issue that much and what's interesting is we actually know that a lot of the counties that went red, that were full of trump supporters are the ones who have really been impacted by this opioid epidemic, about just percent 50% of trump supporters personally knew somebody incarcerated and about 85% according to the poll conducted they said they short the criminal justice reform should be a top three priority issue. so there's a lot of support on the right and left for reform >> thank you for coming in. it's #cut 50. if you want to look for it, and the website as well is on the screen right there i believe. all right. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> good seeing you. back after this.
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by switching to geico. i would not wear that lace. hmm, i don't know? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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annul it's nearly one year he we've been bringing on the 5at630. but we debuted the new show >> final 5 every night at 11:30. before i made the trip to the late night. the biggest name in holiday and how you handle late nights. >> i don't know anything about how to do that. is he bright? funny? what is he? what's he got, bright and funny >> then he'll be fine. >> i would try to go reasonably down middle. your job is to be funny, i don't think anybody cares about your opinion. i mean, you try to make fun of -- i try to humiliate and degrade everybody equally >> i'm surprised he didn't come to deb and i before he took on the job, we really knowledgeable on that >> meditate >> yes, sleep in, enjoy, and you're on late at night. don't start drinking till 8:00 p.m. >> self medicate. >> meditate. >> before we head
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thank you to our producer josh dan it's his last night. good luck, josh. >> he's a mets fan but don't hold it against him. sarah and i are back at 10:00 >> see you then.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: just when you thought it couldn't happen, taylor swift has reached a new level of pettiness. >> katy perry's new album came out last night. and at the exact time that it came out, taylor swift decided to release her entire catalog on every streaming service. >> you guys, that's amazing. harvey: no. >> they're direct competitors. one of them does something, the other one has to match it or beat it. >> i just know this, someone's going to get shot. >> what! >> selena gomez, she was out doing press interviews. she was showing some side boob. this is kind of funny because the other day she wasn't wearing a bra either. >> it's funny where we've gone from caveman where we're all naked all the time to clothes clothes and naked again. >> they wore clothes. >> i've seen the photos! >> you've never saw photos of cavemen! [laughter]


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